Conservatives to Trump: IRS’s Koskinen must go

A conservative activist is among the growing number of pundits and lawmakers publicly questioning why President Donald Trump has not yet removed the controversial head of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

IRS commissioner John Koskinen still remains at his position nearly two months into the Trump administration.

Despite calls for Trump to remove Koskinen, the president has made no move to end his service with the IRS.

Just days after Trump took office, 54 House Republicans wrote a letter asking the new president to remove Koskinen. The White House says it has received the letter and is reviewing it.

Robert Knight – a senior fellow with the American Civil Rights Union (ACRU), who also serves as a columnist for OneNewsNow and The Washington Times – contends that Koskinen was one of the conspirators in the IRS that sought to punish conservatives who challenged former President Barack Obama and his progressive policies.

“The Internal Revenue Service was proving to be violating its mission and targeting opponents of President Obama, Knight asserted. “John Koskinen was right in the middle of that.”

He argued that Koskinen exacerbated the problem at the IRS when he was actually hired to remedy it.

“He was supposed to be brought in to clean up the mess, and instead, participated in the cover-up,” Knight continued. “So, Mr. Trump should quickly get rid of him and put in somebody trustworthy to try to restore the reputation of the Internal Revenue Service. Right now, people don’t trust it.”

Trump says the IRS clearly helped Obama win the 2012 election.

“By crippling many of the organizations that were pitted against him — Tea Party groups … other conservative groups that had their tax status not only delayed, but some were subjected to audit – this was un-American,” Trump asserted. “It was a violation of free speech. John Koskinen didn’t do anything about it.”

Knight points to the president’s argument as being the basis as to why Koskinen needs to be replaced.