Cru’s ‘Big Break’ turning spring break upside down

While many students are planning on drinking and partying during their spring break this year, one Christian organization is hoping that some of them will choose to experience a divine appointment that will change their lives forever.

Every year during spring break, Cru – formerly known as Camus Crusade for Christ holds – holds conferences called “Big Break.”

Cru’s program director of Big Break, Vickie Guinn, explained how the conferences – which are being held this year in Panama City, Florida; Los Angeles, California and; Las Vegas, Nevada – impact the student attendees.

“[Big Break is instrumental in] helping them to encounter the presence of Jesus and be equipped to become more effective and excellent in their communication of how to share Christ with those who don’t know Him – and then also how to engage in prayer,” Guinn impressed.

Guinn told OneNewsNow that afterward, students are dispatched to hit the beach and the strip to engage in conversation with the lost.

“They think they’re coming to drink and to party, and I know they’re looking for something, but obviously, there are points of intersection where God has them in this environment to learn about Him,” the Christian leader shared. “And so, it’s been really super exciting to watch those divine moments of opportunity.”

Guinn notes that with just a couple of more weeks to before spring break hits, Cru has already seen students engage in hundreds of Gospel conversations – with more than 100 decisions made for Christ.