Delaware open for abortion tourism

Delaware is to become a destination state for out-of-state residents seeking abortions.

Delaware lawmakers passed new legislation lifting restrictions on abortions, effectively making sure the state is wide open for practically unlimited abortion. Moira Sheridan of Delaware Right to Life tells OneNewsNow many residents in her state are upset over passage.

“By removing the 20-week limit, removing any limits, removing all language on consent, removing all language on residency requirements for doctors and second doctor’s opinions on late-term abortions,” Sheridan says, “it basically opens wide the door in Delaware to rogue abortionists.”

Opponents of the bill say people from other states, where there are common-sense regulations and laws in place, will go to Delaware to terminate their preborn babies. The bill passed in spite of intense pro-life lobbying and demonstrations at the capital, pointing to surveys that show as much as 80 percent of the population want restrictions on abortions.

“A lot was done that indicated that people do not want this in Delaware. It is the legislators who are pushing it and you can be almost 100 percent sure the reason for that is because … their campaigns are being funded by Planned Parenthood of Delaware,” Sheridan contends.

The legislation was strongly pushed by the abortion business. Sheridan says, as a result, everyone in the state is saddled with unrestricted abortion, even though there was very aggressive opposition.