A prominent Harvard law professor and Hillary Clinton supporter says he believes the recent appointment of a special counsel will ultimately work to help President Donald Trump.

While many on the Left are celebrating the decision to appoint Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, legal scholar Alan Dershowitz believes Mueller could actually vindicate the president – rather than bring about his downfall.

During a recent appearance onTucker Carlson Tonight on the Fox News Channel, Dershowitz said that it would not be criminal – even if it happened – for the Trump campaign to have collaborated with the Russians in an effort to get their candidate elected.

“That’s political wrongdoing, but it’s just not a crime,” Dershowitz contended. “Nobody can point me to a statute that would be violated. And a prosecutor is only allowed to look for evidence of a federal crime.”

Dershowitz also maintains that the worst-case scenario for the White House would be that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn gets indicted – but even if that were to happen, Trump could pardon him.

“It’s going to be done in secret – behind closed doors – and all we get in the end is no indictment … or a lower-level former official gets indicted,” Dershowitz asserted. “And I think in the end that helps the Trump administration – not hurt them.”

Dershowitz predicts that the end result will see Mueller announcing no evidence of a crime, which would obviously be beneficial to Trump.

Flying the coup?

Meanwhile, a conservative scholar argues that the Left is using what he calls a “slow motion coup” to attempt to delegitimize the president.

Professor Victor Davis Hanson, who serves as a senior fellow with the Hoover Institute, was also a recent guest on the Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson Tonight and shared the view of many conservatives that allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians have no basis in fact.

“That entire reset appeasement of Russia came from Clinton-Obama team – not Donald Trump,” Hanson insisted. “And it was very unlikely anyway, because he ran as a Jacksonian who was going to beef up U.S. defenses and get tough with our enemies, our adversaries, our rivals abroad, so it wouldn’t be necessarily logical that Putin would want him to be president.”

However, Hanson impressed that, unfortunately, even if the accusations of collusion prove to be nothing but a big lie, the Trump presidency can be hurt by what he calls a slow-motion coup.

“You have a nexus of celebrities, academics, the Democratic Party, and then you have the media,” the legal expert explained. “And they feel they can delegitimize the president with a thousand nicks. None of them is significant in themselves, but they coalesce to build to a narrative that Trump is inexperienced, that he’s uncouth, that he’s crude, that he’s reckless. And each day, the point is to drive his popularity down one half a point, one point – until he can’t function in Congress.”

Hanson also pointed out that purple state congressional representatives would not want to take the political risk to further Trump’s initiatives.


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