Like many young Disney fans, Tiffany Johnson begged her mother to get her the shampoo with Anna and Queen Elsa on the bottle. However, things did not go as expected.

First the mother and daughter had difficulty getting the product out of the bottle. Try as both Tiffany and her mother Patricia might, the shampoo refused to come out of the bottle. After hours of squeezing, the bottle finally broke.

After applying the shampoo to her scalp, Tiffany had to be rushed to the hospital because of frostbite.

“It really hurt!” said Tiffany. According to the local hospital, the girl should expect a full recovery.

Ms. Johnson says that, “I never expected the Frozen Shampoo to literally be frozen, or I’d have never gotten it for Tiffany.”

The store where the product was purchased has no comment and Ms. Johnson is considering a lawsuit. She says, “If there are cartoon characters on the label, it should be safe for kids.

I hope Disney doesn’t produce a cartoon called Glass Shards, or there will be a real disaster awaiting!”

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