Gallup poll finds strong support for school choice

A recent poll from Gallup shows a sizeable majority of parents support President Donald Trump’s proposal for a federal school choice program.

The poll shows that nearly two-thirds of the respondents agreed with the concept of federal support for school choice. Just 26 percent disagreed.

Tommy Schultz of school choice advocate American Federation for Children says the issue is one in which Gallup has found both Democrats and Republicans find common ground.

The poll by Gallup, which can be read here, was conducted in March with 1,526 adults.

“Across the country,” he says, “Gallup says that 59 percent of people want school choice at the federal level.”

Schultz says American Federation for Children conducts their own National School Choice Poll each year, and the poll released in January found that 68 percent of people surveyed support school choice. He points out that those figures mirror the Gallup numbers.

“Gallup’s poll really does show us what we’ve known and that we’ve seen in our polling each year,” he tells OneNewsNow.

AFC’s poll, which was released in January, also found that support for school choice was strongest among African-Americans, Hispanics and Millennials.