Kim Davis still under fire

Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk jailed for refusing to sign a marriage license for unnatural marriage, is still facing court challenges.

Davis spent six days in jail in 2015 for contempt because she refused to violate her Christian beliefs about the sanctity of marriage. At the time, David Ermold and others filed suit against Davis, but the lawsuit was dismissed after Kentucky passed a law removing clerk signatures from the licenses.

According to Davis’ attorney, Roger Gannam of Liberty Counsel, Ermold has appealed to the Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to reinstate his lawsuit in spite of his marriage license being issued.

“Within two months of filing the lawsuit,” Gannan tells OneNewsNow, “they received a marriage license – while Kim Davis was in jail, mind you – and yet they’re not satisfied with having to get one of the jail-time marriage licenses. They want to get money and I think attention as well, and that’s what’s most disappointing about this.

“Our argument was that even if the court believes that they still had some kind of recognizable damages claim, Kim Davis is immune from those claims,” Gannan continues. “First, as an officer of the state in issuing marriage licenses, there is immunity from damages claims.

“Second, because the law was entirely unsettled at the time of Davis’ action; and when the law is unsettled, an official cannot be officially or personally held liable.”

The Sixth Circuit is expected to issue a ruling within a couple of months.