New feminist org petitions FDA to stop manufacture of testosterone drugs!

A new feminist organization calling itself the…”Alt Pussy” has announced its petition to the FDA to curtail all manufacturing of testosterone drugs in the USA. The group is made up primarily of women harassed by Harvey Weinstein, Bill O’Reilly and Donald Trump and who have not received compensation for the alleged acts.

The AP (Alt Pussy) has received a major endorsement from Caitlan Jenner who has donated her Gold leafed testicles to the organization. The AP expects to auction off the “golden balls” for at least five million dollars which will be used to further the efforts of the organization and the financing of its para military arm that will seek retribution on those the courts haven’t punished. The “Nutcracker Sweets,” all trained in the martial arts, have chapters formed in most metropolitan centers as well as in many rural areas of the country.

The spokesman for the AP was asked why they were taking action on claims of harassment without any proof of the allegations and couldn’t this just be a “shakedown” to gain fame and fortune from innocent men who actually hadn’t done anything wrong, she smiled wryly, looked at three pictures on the wall of Harvey Weinstein, Bill O’Reilly and Donald Trump. She said…SAY WOT!! The fact is our cause is just under any circumstance. All testosterone is bad and should be banned!”

In elated news, the Associated Press has filed a restraining order demanding that the “Alt Pussy” cease and desist using its initials in future press releases.