NRA Condemns Charlottesville Violence

In a recent interview with Fright Fart News, NRA spokesmilf Sierra Peelin decried the violence that marked recent protests in Charlottesville Virginia.

“That James Fields showed incredibly poor judgement”, she lamented. “Why, for a fraction of the price of what it’s going to take to fix up his car, he could have bought himself an AR-15 or one of them Russki AK-47’s and a case of a hundred shells, and then gunned down scores of them tree-hugging Jew-loving commie pinko libtard freaks in under a minute.”

“Of course”, she continued, “it’s not entirely his fault. The State of Virginia won’t allow Mall Wart or the 7-11 to sell either of these fine weapons any more, at least not without a background check. Just what is this country coming to?”