PA governor could be pro-life stumbling block

Pennsylvania lawmakers working on passage of two pro-life bills face an obstacle: a governor with connections to Planned Parenthood.

According to Maria Gallagher of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, both chambers of the Pennsylvania General Assembly are considering two measures, one banning an abortion technique of dismembering preborn babies in the womb, limb by limb. The other bill would ban abortions at 20 weeks, giving premature babies a better chance to live.

Gallagher points to a 2015 Communications Concept poll, which showed a strong majority of Pennsylvania residents (61%) support a ban on brutal dismemberment abortion. “Actually, the percentage of Pennsylvanians who are female supported the ban in even greater numbers than the males did,” she notes.

The pro-life leader voices concern that Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s prior connection as a volunteer escort for Planned Parenthood might be a possible factor that could doom both bills.

“Governor Wolf said in the past that he would veto a ban on brutal dismemberment abortions,” remarked Gallagher. “We hope he will reconsider, because that’s not where the majority of Pennsylvanians are on this issue.”

Gallagher expresses hope that the Democratic governor (pictured above with Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards) will follow suit with his Pennsylvania constituents. And Governor Wolf just might get the opportunity to do so, since the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation is hopeful a bill will be on his desk by the end of the year.