Pro-life counselor vindicated in assault case

After waiting several months, a pro-life counselor in Southern California has been vindicated over an altercation at a church.

Jeff White, the founder of Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, was distributing pro-life pamphlets, placing them on auto windshields on a church parking lot. Alexandra Snyder of the Life Legal Defense Foundation says White was confronted by a church security guard.

“The security guard became very hostile very quickly,” she explains, “and called at least four other security guards to surround him. They ended up beating him to the ground, which resulted in a huge gash.”

White’s head injury was treated later, but during the altercation he begged the guards to either arrest him or call police to do so in order to end the assault. Snyder tells OneNewsNow that police arrived and White was charged with battery because of statements by the guards that White was the aggressor.

“He did not touch the security guard,” says Snyder, “except just to put his hand over his face in self-defense. But once the prosecutor looked at the video which was actually recorded by the church as part of their security system, they saw what happened and they dismissed the charges.”

The name of the church and the city in which it is located were not named because White is considering his options, one of which could be legal action against the church and its guards. Snyder says no one should be assaulted for peacefully placing pro-life literature.