Second survey shows no time for the Good Book

A majority of Americans believe the Bible is indeed the “Good Book” but that doesn’t mean they’re good at reading it.

Americans say they’re fond of the Bible according to a poll of 1,000 Americans by Lifeway Research.

Scott McConnell, executive director of the Christian research organization, says people respond positively to the Bible hence the “Good Book” reference.

When given a list of adjectives that described the Bible, only a handful picked negative adjectives such as harmful, bigoted and outdated.

Meanwhile, says McConnell, of majority said the Bible is a source of morals and more than a third stated that it’s a life-changing book.

Yet the survey also found 53 percent say they have read little or none of the Bible, and so McConnell worries that a lot of people are missing the relational element – that the Bible is actually God’s Word to us.

OneNewsNow reported in an April 6 story that the American Bible Society found similar disheartening findings in its annual “report card” on Bible reading: only one in five Americans reported that they actively read and study the Bible.

“It’s something that can impact somebody’s life,” McConnell laments, “and yet the majority of Americans are not tapping into that on a regular basis.”