™ lawyer lobbies President for Navy Seal Black ops against Bitch who sent him an email

An outrageous attack from an unidentified terrorist who sent an unpatriotic email after 10pm will be dealt with a presidential order for a Navy Seal Black Ops strike. Worse this the unpatriotic terrorist is allegedly also harboring cats with unpaid parking fines.

He has gone into hiding fearing a drone strike on his house and has enlisted a group of white supremacists as his body guards.

He has also enlisted the help of Americas greatest Drone Hunter that will ensure if the CIA get a lock on him he still has Johnny to shoot the sucker down when it comes around.™ Press Secretary denied™ was launching a raid but 15 minutes later™ tweeted out that a certain unnamed unpatriotic terrorist that upset my attorney is going to get magnificently droned.

Using a Kindergarten crayon slate Conway wrote “there is no evidence of collusion between the lawyer, the president and Navy Seals, but that unpatriotic terrorist better leave the country”.