A conservative military watchdog says the Justice Department isn’t the only federal agency that needs to drain the swamp.

As reported Tuesday, President Trump thus far has chosen not to follow the tradition of his liberal predecessor by declaring June “LGBT Pride Month.” However, individual military units are planning their own LGBT pride events, including one for the Pentagon Courtyard on June 12.

Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness, says such an observance would be totally inconsistent with the president, who hasn’t issued a proclamation – as Barack Obama had done annually since 2011.

“This is an example of Obama holdovers at the Department of Defense making policy as if the election never happened,” she explains to OneNewsNow. “[And] certainly anyone responsible for what could be interpreted as an official proclaiming or official event, even if it isn’t … should be held accountable for that.”

Donnelly cites what she considers another egregious example of activist Obama holdovers in the Department of the Navy.

“They issued a rather extreme document implementing transgender rights for the Department of Navy and the Marine Corps – and they did it three days after the inauguration,” she laments. That document is the U.S. Navy’s “Diversity and Inclusion Roadmap.”

Another document issued to implement Obama’s transgender policy – “United States Navy Transgender and Gender Transition Commanding Officer’s Toolkit” – includes a section that discusses “Real Life Experience.” RLE, it says:

“… refers to a period of time during transition when a transgender person changes outward gender expression and lives in their preferred gender.” As part of that person’s approved transition plan, commanding officers “may allow for embarkation and debarkation from the ship for Sailors going on liberty to commence after-hours RLE.”

On her organization’s website, Donnelly translates that as follows:

“RLE means that commanding officers must support male personnel wearing uniforms by day and going out in female clothing by night.”

“This kind of practice has got to stop,” she tells OneNewsNow. “The Obama holdovers had their time in power. It is time for them to go. It is time for the new administration to appoint good, solid people who support mission readiness, combat lethality, and views that are consistent with the pro-defense positions of the Republican National Platform.”

Obama holdovers, she argues, push harmful policies that assign higher priority to political and ideological goals, not military readiness – and she contends that President Trump and Secretary James Mattis can strengthen America’s military by restoring sound priorities that are long overdue.


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