A Californian liquor store owner got the shock of his life when a peacock strutted in demanding BOOZE!

The owner thought it was a practical joke, but after the huge bird made a beeline for the bourbon, he realised the joke was not on him! The peacock leapt upon his main table filled with other bottles of booze, kicking and thrashing his way through them. Only after seconds did the owner realise, “damn he’s after my best bourbon!”

He called the emergency services, they thought the owner had too much of his own product, and told him to have a lay down. Then he called the emergency save the animal unit, and it seems the peacock was known for his boozing habits (unlike known terrorists in the UK who always get ignored), so they sent an officer or two to catch the damn thing.

Arriving with a huge net they managed to capture the peacock, a female by the way, and safely transported it back to a “drying out unit for drunken birds” (seems there are a lot of them in the USA, feathered and unfeathered species, especially females).

The store owner demanded compensation for the damages caused by the peacock, but his insurance company believed he was pissed too because he swore he saw a thousand eyes with wings, BURP!

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